As owner of the website (, the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (the “BTMI”) is required to collect, conserve and manage your personal information which is communicated to us and permits us to identify you.


This Privacy Policy is an informative guide on how we collect and treat said personal information. We therefore invite you to read its contents carefully and thoroughly.


In accordance with the current applicable legislation, we only use your personal information in the following cases:


●    The performance of the contract between us; and/or
●    The respect of any legal obligation; and/or
●    Only when your express consent as to said utilisation is given; and/or
●    Within the limit of there being a legitimate interest in using your personal information.


In any event, your individual rights will always be our top priority and we will therefore never use your personal information for any commercial purposes against your will.



        2.1.    The information that you communicate directly to us


During your various points of contact with us, you may be required to communicate certain personal information to us. This may be during your subscription to our newsletter or signing up for a We Gatherin’ event.


This Personal Information notably includes:


●    Your name and date of birth;
●    Your postal address, e-mail address, telephone number; or
●    Any other information that you would like to bring to our attention.

        2.2.    The information which we collect automatically


Each time you visit our website, we collect certain information relating to your internet connection and your navigation preferences. We employ various technological means to collect this data, the principal method being the cookie.


                2.2.1.    Data collected via cookies

A cookie is a small text file located on your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone, which saves and follows the information relating to your navigation preferences. Our website, uses cookies to identify you or to compile statistical data, for example. Cookie settings can be managed via your navigator.




You may change and save your cookie settings on your internet browser at any time.


Please note that a refusal to accept the collection and conservation of cookies on our website may affect the quality of your browsing experience on our website, and potentially prevent you from accessing certain services which require the use of said cookies.


We therefore do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of this reduced functionality of the website and of our services resulting from your refusal to accept our use of cookies.



The present Article is intended to indicate the uses we have for your personal information, which we collect as per Article 2 above.

        3.1.    To keep you informed of the project


●    Regular communication of information regarding We Gatherin’ 2020;
●    Facilitation of subscription to various events;
●    Communication of any changes to We Gatherin’ 2020;
●    Facilitation of any personal data requests under Article 7 below; and
●    Compliance with the applicable law on customer personal data and our General Terms & Conditions


        3.2.    Cookie use


                3.2.1.    Optimisation of your browsing experience on our website


●    Adaption of the format of our website (language used, resolution of photos, size of text etc.) according to the device used;
●    Implementation of adequate security measures.


                3.2.2.    Measurement of website visits


●    Compilation of visit statistics to permit a qualitative analysis with a view to improving the website’s content and features;
●    Establishment of a record of the number and effectiveness our advertisements;
●    Qualitative analysis of our audience with regard to the results observed;
●    Pinpointing of key demographics and audience behaviour; and
●    Development of our understanding of our visitor and subscriber base.


Your personal data is conserved for a certain period in accordance with the applicable law. The following table indicates the amount of time we will conserve your personal data. These time periods are regularly revised to ensure compliance with the applicable law.

Type of data collected Usage Amount of time kept
Entirety of persona data (cf 2.1) Monitoring of web traffic 2 years from the date the data was initially collected or from the last point of contact with the visitor, whichever is later
Entirety of personal data Management of subscriber database to send communication During the entire duration of our contractual relations
Data generated by cookies
Anonymised data regarding your browser history on our website Optimisation of our website
Compilation of statistical data regarding visits to our website
Personalisation of marketing methods
Entire anonymised and conserved on a remote, secure server. No automatic deletion




Your personal data is conserved on a remote, secure server called Infomaniak, rue Eugène-Marziano 25 1227 Genève Suisse. This company is registered to the Companies Register of ADDRESS OF RCS under the number SIREN/SIRET (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Processor”).




        6.1.    Access to your data by BTMI employees


The following parties will have access to your personal data:

●    Our administrative and accounting staff;
●    The management, IT, marketing & commercial staff.

        6.2.    Transfer of data


The following parties will have access to your personal data:


                6.2.1.    Our subcontractors


These parties facilitate the subscription to our newsletter by:


●    Personalising our site content
●    Performing various maintenance works on our website
●    Collecting customer satisfaction information
●    Providing analytical solutions and statistical data on site usage


The access which these subcontractors have to your personal information is subject to various contracts between them and the BTMI, in which they have agreed to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information.

                6.2.2.    Our commercial partners


We will never share, sell or exchange your data with third parties for advertising purposes.


However, please note that if you decide to purchase a product offered by a third party on their website (to which a link may be embedded on, you will be subject to that third party’s Privacy Policy. As such, we have no control over, and are therefore unable to accept any liability for, the way in which they collect and use your personal information.


        6.3.    Overriding mandatory provisions, judicial and administrative authorities


In the event that we are legally obligated to transfer your data in order to guarantee the rights, assets and security of the BTMI, we reserve the right to do so.




As Data Controller, we will use all reasonable means at our disposal to protect your personal data against any unauthorised alteration, usage, or divulgation and loss (accidental or otherwise), notably by way of:


●    The creation of an information security cell;
●    The sensitisation of all parties who will handle your data as to their obligations;
●    The securitisation of the BTMI’s offices and online platform;
●    The securitisation of any access, sharing or transfer of data; and
●    A selective recruitment process with regard to data protection when selecting our subcontractors and partners.




        8.1.    Your rights regarding access to your personal data


You have the right to access your personal data and request that it be corrected, completed or updated accordingly. You may also request the deletion of said data or that it not be conserved by us, as long as this request is justified.


You have the right to request that the entirety of your data which we have collected be communicated to you in a structured format as well as the right to request that said information be communicated to another party.


Further, you may indicate the way in which you desire your data to be kept, deleted or communicated after your death.


Each of these requests must be made in writing by addressing a letter to the following address: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., Avenue Louise 65, Stephanie Square, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, indicating your surname, first name and address.


Before responding to your request, we may need to verify your identity and/or ask that you supply us with some additional information. We will endeavour to provide you with a response within a reasonable time frame and, in any event, within the time frame stipulated by law.


        8.2.    Your right to refuse commercial solicitations


We are likely to use your personal data to send you our newsletter regarding We Gatherin’ 2020, in accordance with the applicable law.


You may, at any moment, indicate your desire to no longer receive such communication. We therefore invite you to contact us at to inform us of your desire to no longer receive said communications from us.